Begriffsklaerung – English


The word “trigger” stands for the trigger of a reaction, an emotion, an action and is used in different areas – youth language, psychology, technology – each with different meanings.

It is intrinsic to the arts to want to evoke a reaction in the viewer. The work of art, the play, is the medium for the emotions that the artist wants to evoke in the viewer. Art that is socially relevant must therefore be able to trigger reactions and emotions.

TRIGGER is explicitly a festival for political theater. Political theater critically examines social structures, exposes grievances and human rights violations and focuses on the struggle for change and improvement of social conditions and utopias of peaceful coexistence.

Due to its controversial subject matter, provocative theses and system-critical potential, political theater often triggers social as well as personal controversy.

We are aware that art that deals with topics in the context of human rights violations can also trigger negative memories and flashbacks in viewers because it deals specifically with the traumatizing experiences of the person watching. In order to protect those affected as well as possible, explicit reference will be made to possible triggers in all productions during the festival.

We want to sensitize viewers and strengthen empathy and solidarity with those affected. That is why we are convinced that it is important to tell these stories.

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